ive cut myself while busy and concentrating on the building site work ,,, then accidentally look at my leg was bleeding because i cut myself 3 inches long and didnt notice ... i have my theories, one being that pain conscious thing ... also shark bit off his leg and all he felt was a thump he said

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if he made an harmless injection [ maybe a small mild dose with a euphoric ] and said that the injection was super necessary for the hypno to work , [ so they could sell it ] and hypno wouldnt work withought the injection... the corrupt medicos would support it if they saw a profit... if he appealed to their greed instead of truth... greed trumps truth most of the time.... good God help us all return love of truth and goodness

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I will take your many words for it that hypnosis is successful in the surgical theater. That you have done the considerable research is commendable, but I confess I have no desire (currently) to investigate this myself. Especially when you clue us in to the great ridicule heaped on those who state the same as you. It would mean my having to wade my way through a great deal of outright lies promulgated on the Web. I agree wholeheartedly that there is a great drive to discredit Truth if it threatens the dominant ideology.

I do, however, contest you comparing hypnosis to mass formation. Hypnosis as practiced includes a voluntary participation by those consenting to be hypnotized. This may not be part and parcel of the medical definition, but no one to my knowledge has been hypnotized without this consent. As a mental health clinician myself, I have heard many accounts of patients hypnotized to stop errant behaviors - such as smoking or overeating or aggressive behavior. I am aware of no long-term success for anyone. I, too, consented to be hypnotized and it did not take even for a minute. I have consented to be placed into meditative trances, and it worked so well for me that I trained myself in the same technique... which I now offer to my clients.

The mass psychogenic illness that has driven Western culture these last three+ years is driven by manipulation... or more to the point, highly skilled manipulators. There is no hypnosis involved. There is nothing but the politics of fear. Fear of being wrong; far of being publicly ridiculed; fear of losing your funding or job; fear of being being held responsible for the deaths of hundreds by discounting the severity of a virus or questioning gender-affirming care; fear that you, yourself, are morally bankrupt.

The most certain way to achieve this level of totalitarian fear-mongering is to convince the masses that God does not exist and only human endeavor can lead to utopia. The flaw in this approach is obvious: there is nothing even remotely approaching utopia without a knowledge of and a connection to The Divine. But of course, that flaw is the master plan perpetuated by the master manipulators of our age.

Oh, and one minor quibble: Subconscious, not unconscious?

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dear God of truth and goodness please enlighten our darkness

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People find psychics calming. The backbone of what psychics are talking about-astrology is of course, bullshit. However in my view, what the psychic is doing, is beyond what is the background subject matter. In a strange way, the psychic uses the bullshit which is supposed to be real in the conversation as the canvas on which she performs her art. Psychics tend to share a common rejection of the mechanistic-reductionist view of the man and the world. In a way, the psychic is 'playing' with the belief of what reality is. Psychics can also be grifters, and they must be at least partially aware that what the appear to believe in, does not make sense. Similarly, religious people tend to understand that their views will not survive careful logical scrutiny. However, something seems important about freeing people from the mechanistic view on man and the world, that religions become a means, a method, of escaping out of the powerful mechanistic illusion.

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Coming out of a rationalistic world view is often enabled through emotional distress created by events beyond one's control, bringing a person into a less exalted relationship with them self as mighty and impervious.

Listening to the interview today with Steve Kirsch, discussion of the potential plan of covid is such a view in need of disruption. Please see this video of Dr David Martin presenting at the European Parliament, detailing the beginning of the covid virus development as a bio weapon beginning in 1966. He continues the timeline from there adding significant dates and actions to build to covid19 and the manufactured and planned pandemic ... https://www.brighteon.com/8d87993f-caa5-4dad-a375-fbee2d12edb8

thank you for your time and best to you in continuing your stand for returning to an ethical compass for today's human.

Dennis Battler

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Can anyone recommend further literature about hypnosis and selfhypnosis?


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Thank you Tineke and Mattias.

What you are writing here is actually quite extraordinary to read in terms of its breadth and vision; that is, by pointing to the fundamental and ground-moving recogntion that consciousness has reality separate from the corporeal-- in fact, that it precedes its more recognisable manifestations.

May I suggest that it is limiting to equate 'mind' with consciousness (as you seem to do), when you have quite clearly identified that mind is one manifestation of consciousness. All of the many known and oft-reported experiences where consciousness expands beyond the mind as we generally know it (somewhat rational, conceptualising - even of our feeling life) makes it abundantly clear to us that the mind is just one station of human consciousness. I'll simply add here as an example, that imagination is already moving outside mind as a state of consciousness - at least until it enters the mind in a mind-recognisable way.

May I also suggest that what we are moving towards here might be more fully captured by the words 'attention' or 'attentiveness', than mind.

On the medical side of things, I know from my wife's own experiences that consciousness can very directly participate in therapy; including in her case in relation to a serious and very conventional heart condition, and also an immunological disorder - both which were considered to be largely untreatable. She in fact demonstrated on the operating table to her cardiologist/electrophysiologist that she could, with only her attention, alter her heart's beating when the surgeon manipulated it with electrical impulses. This is not considered medically possible.

My wife has over the past 2 decades shown a number of leading heart and immunological specialists, that therapy and healing is not mechanical at all, and that consciousness (with assistance from plant and homeopathic remedies) can replace the need for pharmacological intervention in many, many respects.

Thank you for your incredibly significant work and effort.

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Mattias, I was struck by one particular Substack post by a German scientist who writes under the pseudonym "Eugyppius." I subscribe to his blog. He wrote at length on the sad state of academia. I could not read it without immediately thinking of your trials and tribulations, not to mention related issues concerning research in The Psychology of Totalitarianism. You may be already familiar with Eugyppius, but if not, here's a link to that one Substack post. From my own remote remove, the two of you seem to be kindred spirits.


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If you read about Tantrics, with breath, focus and yoga you’ll uncover quite a history of mastering pain and pleasure receptors. Sometimes going way beyond comprehension. Georg Feuerstein...Douglas Brooks..Fred Alan Wolf...Swami Rama etc. As w/Rx meds the profiteering won’t allow for recognition of Nodes, Nadi’s and the subtle body.

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Mar 14, 2023·edited Mar 14, 2023

I see you have been silenced by the ad hominem attack. Sad . Do-not back down mattias

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Neurolinguistic programming that everyone missed...Here


I also address this in my question to doctors article. Please check it out Thanks for your work.

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Many years ago, in the 1980s, I attended family dinner hosted by a well-known (at the time) thoracic surgeon (my sister-in-law's father). He and his wife had just returned from a trip to China, where he observed open-hear surgery in which the only "anesthesia" was acupuncture. He was astounded at what he observe. Reading this article, I wonder if hypnosis was used in conjunction with the needles.

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I asked my friend, who is allergic to novocaine, and who uses self-hypnosis for dental work, if she used self-hypnosis for her other surgeries, which I had assumed she did. She replied that for her eye surgery she had no anaesthesia, but used a technique called Logo-synthesis (which she also uses for everyday aches and pains). For her femur replacement she accepted a local anaesthetic, but refused the general anaesthetic and again used Logo-synthesis for pain. She learned Logo-synthesis from the psychiatrist Dr. Willem Lammers of Switzerland, who developed the technique in 2005 while working with a patient who had a mental block.

It is a very simple mental technique and I have her permission to share how she uses it for pain. It requires saying a few simple phrases: I retrieve all of my own energy bound up in this pain (identify the exact location) and return that energy into the right place in myself; I remove all my not-me energy contributing to and bound up in this pain (mention location) from all of my cells, all of my body and all of my personal space and send it to wherever it belongs; I retrieve all of my own energy bound up in all of my reactions to this pain (wherever it is), and return that energy to the right place in myself; I tune all of my systems to a state completely free of pain (in this place in the body) for the benefit of myself and others.

That's the long form. The short form is: I re-organize the energies in and around this pain (say where the pain is)so that this pain disappears.

The ultra-short form is to say (only once): From now on, when I indicate a problem in my body/mind, and indicate the outcome that I want, that will be the same as if I had said all of the Logo-synthesis sentences about that problem.

Then say: (The location of the pain), no pain. Example: My right knee, no pain.

She says that in her experience, she will get pain relief instantly, sometimes for a longer period of time and sometimes for a shorter period of time, in which case she repeats the ultra-short phrase.

There are a lot more uses for Logo-synthesis, but hopefully people will benefit from this brief introduction and contribution to knowledge about the amazing human mind.

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I follow a number of energy-healing paradigms and modalities. This makes perfect sense. I'm making a note of it, and keeping it, and will pass it on to interested friends. Thanks very much for your comment!

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