Documented about The Pandemic of Fear from the Frontlines (Hospital RN)


Thank you for all your hard work on this very important subject that destroyed so many lives!!!

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The artificial hybrid Coronavirus was created for the precise purpose it achieved - to scare the hell out of the weakminded, spineless sheep, wreck the middle class, destroy our rights, trick idiots and cowards into taking part in an illegal human experiment, with a dangerous drug erroneously named a "vaccine". Oh, population reduction and Big Pharma's colossal profits were automatic consequences, not for us, but for them!

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More people are beginning to realize they were WRONG about covid. Yet doesn't it seem as though they are even more stubborn to admit it?

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As regards "Read the literature on psychogenic death, placebos and hypnotic sedation to ascertain how incredibly powerful the impact of psychological factors on physical illness and health can be." can you possibly suggest some good material?

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Apr 8, 2023·edited Apr 8, 2023Author

Maybe you read our substack on hypnosedation? https://mattiasdesmet.substack.com/p/hypnosedation-mind-over-matter-in

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Sir, you fell into a trap of your own creation. We knew this "pandemic" was a trick, smokescreen for a power grab. With voters afraid to go to the polls, and unmonitored ballot dump boxes, the prize was ripe for the taking. We now have a government of perverts and criminals, doing their darndest ot start World War III by provoking another nuclear power. This is not going to end well, and your defending those gangsters and attacking patriots who cared enough to protest will get you on the wrong side of history, if there are any printing presses after the holocaust.

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will do, thanks

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Read it now - great piece, thanks

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Apr 6, 2023·edited Apr 6, 2023

Great article. I agree to your analysis of the failed Grand Narrative. I wish, though, you would also question whether the theory of infectious viruses is indeed scientifically proven. As long as this (in fact already disproven theory, check the great work of ex-virologist Dr Stefan Lanka for proof) theory is taken as true, society will remain in the trap. Human biology is about living in symbiosis with microbes, the hostile biology narrative is a main reason society is in fear and ready to go to war against anything postulated as a common threat. I am very convinced by now, having witnessed the disaster of the past 3 years, that the only way out of the demise of our modern society is a real understanding of health and disease, for which there is much to learn from ancient holistic systems as well as from the New Medicine/5BN as discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, studying those findings of the "5BiologicalNaturalLaws" - studying them with a free mind and in a non-dogmatic spirit- may just be the door opener to free oneself and regain sovereignty over one's health and wellbeing.

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Is evolutietheorie nog houdbaar? - Patrick Savalle en Pieter Borger. This proves we are not evolutionized animals. The pivot to upend the Harari cyborg human. https://youtu.be/0SJKtOvBUn4

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Thanks for the link.

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Not only less dangerous ...but Covid-19 is itself hardly any threat, as can be quite precisely calculated by the original method:


Unfortunately it seems that many do not understand the ready math proof and so the covid-19 hoax continues

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Yes this is the conclusion i reqched i.n march 2020. Fear was the mind killer and humanity fell down a rabbit hole. A nearly endless 1.

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We are experiencing MASS DEMORALIZATION…

....death being a welcome escape from this Mad House…

https://catherinesalgado.substack.com/p/wsj-poll-shows-decline-in-americans https://off-guardian.org/2023/04/01/ignorance-is-bliss/ https://off-guardian.org/2023/04/02/a-state-of-never-ending-crisis-the-government-is-fomenting-mass-hysteria/

because of: https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46242 https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46416 This is not an accident he is not incompetence https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46266 https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46286 https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46436 https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46436 https://t.me/downtherabbitholewegofolks/71485 https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46464 https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46472 https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46474

The ultimate reason for this? Total extinction.

1. The global economy is most definitely on the precipice:



The Everything Bubble and Global Bankruptcy


In a nutshell... raging inflation as a result of ultra low interest rates and easy money seeped into the overall economy over the past couple of years. The Central Banks - wanting to prevent hyperinflation were forced to raise interest rates.

As the second article explains this has destroyed the value of trillions of dollars of bonds held by banks and other entities. This is what has caused multiple banks to tip over including the behemoth Credit Suisse.

2. Despite these failures the Central Banks continued to raise rates, driving the financial system further into insolvency... and importantly ... inflation is remains untamed

UK economy: headline inflation rises to 10.4%


3. The Central Banks have two choices -- reduce rates to take some heat off of the bond situation -- but that will only throw more fuel onto the inflation fire and could collapse the global economy (see those riots in France? That's primarily about inflation - people already are struggling to pay bills)

Continue to hold rates high - and possibly increase them (if inflation continues to rise)... driving the entire financial system further into insolvency.

They have opted for the latter -- and they will throw trillions of dollars Euros etc at the banks to try to delay the collapse. They likely already are doing that -- they will never tell us.

Jean-Claude Juncker — 'When it becomes serious, you have to lie.'

'When the situation is catastrophic, you do whatever it takes and say nothing' - Fast Eddy

4. I was discussing this situation with a good mate who an MD at a global investment bank... and he agrees - there does not appear to be any solution to this ... it must result in collapse of the system.

Because this situation is a result of a decline in affordable energy (see the first article) the men who run the world understand that when collapse arrives... there will be no putting Humpty back together again.

There is no magic want to wave the replaces the easy energy reserves that we have burned over the past 200 years. If there was - that would have been done already and we'd not be in this situation.

So what do you do when you understand that a massive global collapse is imminent .. and you are desperately trying to hold things together for as many days ... and hours as possible?

When it goes -- the power goes off - and 8B humans will be hungry and angry - they will come for the elites.. they will engage in mass murder rape cannibalism. Essentially the Gates of Hell open.

I have suggested they are exterminating us ... but exactly how. The vaccines are killing and maiming but that's hardly an extinction event.

Bossche suggests a deadly mutation will emerge.

5. Earlier this evening I picked this up on my travels around the worldwideweb:

Dr. Lee Merritt explains how mRNA Vaccines killed animals during testing and how MRNA Vaccines could be used to kill millions of people by first injecting people with the So Called Vaccine and then releasing a counterpart even years later to be killed at will - She calls this a Binary Poison (as it's in two parts) https://t.me/downtherabbitholewegofolks/70925

Full interview https://humansarefree.com/2021/01/dr-lee-merritt-animal-studies-mrna-technology-all-animals-died.html

The urgency to keep injecting people is no longer evident. All the measures to coerce people have stopped. The masks are off. Travel is to a great extent normalized. Covid deaths are not discussed much. Most people believe Covid is done.

Let me throw this out there... the goal all along was to inject as many people as possible.... they tried everything to convince people to inject... but at a certain point you start to push on a string...

Most people who have not injected now will never inject. There is nothing the PR Team can do to convince someone like me to inject. I am willing to die if someone tried to force me.

Ok so nearly 6B have agreed to inject... out of 8... that's a damn good result all things considered.

No point in pushing the string ...

6. What if the plan is ... when they see that they can no longer hold the financial system together much longer --- they release a second virus --- that is deadly to everyone who has injected at least one shot? And it rips through there defenceless immune system killing all of them.

7. The unvaxxed will obviously panic as they see people dying like flies around them. CNNBBC will tell them to lockdown in their homes -- 24 hour martial law --- images of empty closed super markets -- STAY HOME! -- snipers shooting anyone who ventures out.

8. Wait for the food trucks - they are coming .... STAY HOME! But they never come ... and nobody goes outside because everyone will believe there is black death out there now ... off the charts fear... they will wait ... and wait.. and slowly starve to death.

9. Perhaps the trucks will circulate -- but will provide no food rather they will distribute end of life meds e.g. Fentanyl.

10. 8 Billion die peacefully. Next to no murder rape or cannibalism.

The financial system is without a doubt on borrowed time. Perhaps all that remains to be done is give the final word.

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Those are good points from March 2020. However, it doesn't explain why the panic lasted for so long. Living in fear is stressful and uncomfortable and people naturally seek relief from it. It's not normal to WANT to live in fear. But any good news and research showing that the virus wasn't dangerous were criticized and censored, removed from the social media, called "misinformation", doctors providing early treatments fired and those treatments banned, reasonable policies outside of lockdowns and masks attacked, churches closed. It feels like all hope was killed intentionally...

If things were developing naturally, the panic would've ended in April-May 2020 with the catastrophic models proven to be wrong and early treatments easily available. But I observed the media, instead of slowing down, ramping up its fearmongering and attacks in April-May 2020, which looked pretty fake to me.

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Apr 4, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

In "The Psychology of Totalitarianism" and elsewhere, Mattias Desmet has explained the process of mass formation, whereby an important receptive segment of a population falls into a trance-like state in which it can be influenced and controlled. Much of the remainder of the population "go along" out of conformism and what Erich Fromm so aptly described as "fear of freedom". You yourself point to massive official and mass-media-driven fear-mongering, censorship, official misinformation, and the silencing and persecution of dissenting voices. Clearly, like myself and an awakened minority, you believe ("I feel like all hope was killed intentionally") that this was and is still done deliberately, in order to push the needle and extend control.

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That was the psy ops angle like j6 2021 or maidan 2014 or ukraine 2022

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Just as an irrational fear of Covid could have resulted in excess deaths , so too could an irrational fear of the vaccines, but I see no appreciation of that possibility from the anti-vax crowd. Instead they proudly proclaim themselves "purebloods"and shun the vaxed as "shedders".

Is this payback or just rank hypocrisy ? Both , is my guess.

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I completely agree with you.

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Apr 3, 2023·edited Apr 3, 2023

The fear of the mRNA experimental vaccines, which turned out, as feared, to be neither "safe" nor "effective", is eminently rational. The decision to refuse them also. The resentment on the part of those you label (in typically derogatory fashion) "the anti-vax crowd", towards those who shunned them, denigrated them, cost them their jobs, deprived them of basic civil rights and came close to putting them in concentration camps, all for something no more deadly than the flu, is both rational and comprehensible. Calling that "payback" and "hypocrisy" is not.

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It is based in reality. Such as alec baldwin and trqns deqth squads.

There r no purebloods. Everyone has been trqnsfected by the digital nano plague which is carried by people. Patient zero or mrna zero harboring boosters.

Only if u took a wax would fear of it harm you. Why would it harm those who did not?

Then there is the reverse placebo effect vs the effects of an injected weapon. Which is stronger or more harmful?

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Your numbers don't seem real. 16,000 dead? I thought its more like a million. Granted a lot of people died with COVID, and were listed as dying of COVID.

From the data from The Diamond Princess, 3770 passengers, ten dead. Project this data to 350M Americans, you have 928,000 dead, close enough.

16,000 doesn't seem real.

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My reply to similar comments earlier on...

Note that the article was written as early as March 2020 and that the figure of "16,000" has to be seen in that context. And taken with more than a pinch of salt! The touted fatalities caused by the then supposedly unknown and deadly virus were already fantastical, being exaggerated/fabricated in order to justify a state of "pandemic". It was at that stage still unclear, even to many of those, including myself, who sooner or later woke up to the nonsense, just what degree of threat was actually posed. Covid was being passed off by governments and media as a new "Black Death". But with his statistician's cap on, Desmet already "smelt a rat" and showed that even were this particular statistic accurate, when compared to annual deaths from the flu it was quite trivial. Since then, of course, officially claimed deaths from Covid" have been blown up into the millions.

Personally, I don't believe anyone not already knocking at Death's door actually died OF Covid-19. Or that that they would not have died in any case from the effects of the likes of the flu or common cold, or simply of old age. With the massive falsification produced by PCR testing, it's probable that many "cases" who died WITH and not OF Covid, actually died WITH the flu! And we now know, too, that individuals who died in motor accidents were counted as Covid fatalities.

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Oh, they likely did! In my county doctors were required to submit a "Covid death" form, where "covid death" means "tested positive EVER". It was an official form on the county site, not a conspiracy theory. Somebody who got hit by a bus in 2022 and tested positive in 2020 would've been reported as a "covid death". They even officially removed a portion of death data at some point, too obvious those deaths weren't covid.

It also feels like the fear and anxiety factor played a role in the flawed data collection. It's not possible to provide immediate death data, it takes about 5 weeks for a death certificate to be processed. By scared people want the data NOW. I remember arguing with a friend, I showed him an article in NYTimes that up to 90% of PCR positive tests were false. No, he didn't say they were correct, he said IT DIDN'T MATTER if 90% were false positives. He only worried about false negatives.

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It's an old article republished, written in March 2020.

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Ah yes, but the Diamond Princess passengers were apparently an aged cohort which can't directly be extraoplated and applied to the whole US population as a simple total population number in the way that you suggest.

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"We can't allow beauty to become broke."- Robert Puschautz IG, 3/9/2023.

Truth, Goodness and Beauty - “Our situation today shows that beauty demands for itself at least as much courage and decision as do truth and goodness, and she will not allow herself to be separated and banned from her two sisters without taking them along with herself in an act of mysterious vengeance.” - Hans Urs von Balthasar

Beauty and the Failed Imagination of Our Modern Minds


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Came here from Malone's Telegram channel.

Do you think the Breggins' opinion on this topic of mass formation warrants the $25 million dollar lawsuit Dr. Robert "cationic liposome" Malone has leveled against them?


Cationic liposome-mediated RNA transfection.

"We have developed an efficient and reproducible method for RNA transfection, using a synthetic cationic lipid")

Malone's a weirdo. Probably a spook.

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If you really know who Dr. Robert Malone is, you wouldn't even ask the question.

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Excellent! When I first heard the death statistics of Covid I thought , well it isn’t very deadly. So I didn’t worry. Then the masks and social distancing . It didn’t make sense to me why all the hype. If the survival rate was 99.998 % then why the worry. Now you have to know I do not watch main stream news , so I wasn’t getting the propaganda. I have so many friends who were sucked right into the propaganda. Some are still wearing masks. You have to do your research and trust your instinct .

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I don't know where you got that number, but the actual mortality-rate is 0.90% (deadly cases per registered infections) (https://covid19.who.int/table)

And that is with all the knowledge (including vaccines) we have now.

Not that it matters anymore, it's all over now, who still worries about it.

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That is what the powers to be told us at the very beginning of the pandemic

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So, you still believe it? Talking about being sucked into something :-)

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By the way, early estimations at the beginning of the pandemic were a case-fatality of 1.5-5% (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7049028/), so not the 0.002% you claim.

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Dear Prof. Desmet:

The “replication crisis” of which you write results from a cognitive error in selection of the set of inferences that will be made by a model of a physical system from a larger set of possibilities. The problem of how to select this set of inferences is called the Problem of Induction. This problem was solved in the period between 1963 and 1980 by the late Ronald Arlies Christensen by stating the rule that the induced model expresses all of the available information but no more. With rare exceptions this is not the method by which this set of inferences is selected today. Instead these inferences are selected by the intuitive rules of thumb called “heuristics.” The resulting models express more than the available information or less. Among the consequences is the replication crisis.

Before passing away, Christensen left us the seven volume Entropy Minimax Sourcebook where the “entropy” is the missing information in an inference for a deductive conclusion to be reached by it per event.

Christensen’s method for selection of the set of inferences that will be made by the induced model of a physical system solves the Problem of Induction regardless of whether this system is complex or non-complex. In your book you trace the impetus for totalitarian rule to mistaken belief in the proposition that all physical systems are non-complex. Widespread usage of Christensen’s solution to the Problem of Induction would eliminate this impetus.

I am:

Terry Oldberg

Engineer/Scientist/Public Policy Researcher

27250 Julietta Ln

Los Altos Hills, California, USA



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