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I just read the Breggin essay. Kinda overwrought, I thought.

Still though, I have to say I felt disappointed, when I read that chapter, at your "Such steering, however, is rarely done by individual persons; the most fundamental steering is impersonal in nature. "

No. The people who often wish (and do) others ill have faces and names and addresses. When they all pitch in, and sometimes collude, it's a big problem. You use Solzhenitsyn's quote and other words to get them off the hook. While we all deal with inner evil, we are not all psychopaths or severely personality disordered.

I am a big fan, Mattias. I love the main aspect of your hypothesis. It seems sound. The other part... it needs work, IMO. Best wishes.

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Are you familiar with other ancient healing technologies? It is exactly what you are beginning to scratch the surface of in this article. The ancients knew the truth of how the universe was created in both the visible and Invisible realms.

We as people must first answer some fundamental questions. Who am I? Why am I here? and How can I make a meaningful contribution to the Earth and humanity. If someone can answer these questions, then they are also learning how to be in alignment with the truth of who they really are, and who they are becoming. They move from the notion of "believing to a Knowing". They wake of everyday with purpose and make choices that support contributing to the sum total of positivity.

True Freedom is expressed first within. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. " Be the Change!" Right?

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That proof the theory to become JW since at end the statement is ‘The art of good speech’ to summarize everything the good will which the will of humans depend on Jehovah, the superior Will so no negative which builds up to higher negative that manifest as evolution but really devolution so become a JW, Jehovah’s Witnesses & be save from armagedon

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I had not heard of you until I just followed a link in an e-mail I received to your article, “My Book is Being Burned,” which I followed to your substack, selecting this post since I have heard some interviews of Peter Breggin and was impressed with what he has accomplished in his life. I am very sad to understand that he and his wife apparently dropped some severe criticisms without seeming to have read your book. Maybe they were just basing their comments on other people’s opinions and comments, which would be a very sad situation.

I must say that your article on Brownstone so completely destroyed Mr. Ghaemi’s critique that he ought to be completely discredited and ashamed for the rest of his life at his incompetence, lack of professionalism, and blatant biased lies. What a disgrace. And worse for the university to go by his outrageous accusations instead of reading the truth. Isn’t this what happens far too often in this world? There is too much to keep up with it all so we skim headlines and figure we got the gist of what’s going on.

I hope the Bregginses will apologize and acknowledge their error and their premature jump to conclusions. Unfortunately, most people feel compelled to defend/maintain their position so as not to undermine their credibility, and in so doing, only dig a deeper hole for themselves in the process.

In the midst of a very bad situation, it seems that the pressure unites people of very different opinions, but when the dust begins to settle, the differences come to the surface and divide those who once stood together against a larger enemy. I think this is what we are experiencing with the covid situation. I think it is inevitable.

May you stand fast and strong in the face of this attack.

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I would like to thank you for opening my eyes. I have appreciated your views on totalitarianism and also on the Civd19 pandemic.

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There's a great deal of irony in the way many of those who claim to be part of a "freedom movement" are so saturated with the very same sense of elitist superiority that drives totalitarianism they inevitably end up reinforcing the message that the ignorant masses are helpless, their only recourse to blame the system and howl for revolution. It seems that includes the Bregginses.

The Power Structure has spent the last 50+ years conditioning the population to learned helplessness and the belief they need only find the right "leaders" to rescue them and all will be well. Warn people three days in advance a potentially destructive weather event is coming, and they'll still only run out to stock up on bread, milk, and toilet paper rather than planning what to do with the contents their stuffed freezer if the power goes out. Such as having contact info for shelters who might have use for donations of food.

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Hello Mattias. FYI - I have made an effort to assess the Breggins' peculiar attack on you in my own latest essay on my Substack: https://kimgoldbergx1.substack.com/p/humanism-vs-judeo-christian-mythos

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Mattias, Your point of view is considered and valuable. Thank you for sharing.

Please consider, you may not have to keep defending your sovereign right to a point of view. Indeed, we are not more or less valuable on the balance of others options of us.

You've spoken your truth and that is that. What others say or think is really not the point. A mass of consensus is not the objective to speaking one's truth. This you have pointed out clearly, so simply believe it true for you too!

If the entire world were to view your point of view as false, what would it matter? Diversity has been demonstrated and that is important.

Blessings to your heart, peace to your mind and strength to your conviction to present your truth. The wisdom of others to grasp your intent is really unnecessary.

Welcome to freedom to think and ability to communicate. Holding a gun to your own head in expecting others to agree or even dialogue coherently on your considered views is pulling a trigger, your own.

Please consider not defending a book people can pick up or put down, at will. This respects those who are not agreeing and respects you too.

With humble esteem, M

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Grappig dat alles hier in het engels is, apart... Heb net het interview bekeken met Catherine and dr Breggin en ja, allemaal toch wel erg ..verbazend, zachtjes uitgedrukt. Themas en stellingen worden uit hun verband getrokken tot in het belachelijke toe, waar was dat voor nodig ? Toch apart dat diegenen die juist aan onze kant zouden moeten staan zich opeens direct tegenover ons opstellen. Een groot vraagteken. Vooral omdat hun argumentatie onjuist is. Ja, ik heb het boek gelezen en ja ik merk op dat er misschien niet ver genoeg is ingegaan is in de totalitaire hand achter de hele plandemic onzin, snap ik, kan ik inkomen dat mensen zeggen , tja , beetje vaag allemaal. Want dit hele gebeuren valt niet zomaar uit de lucht dat is duidelijk. De mechanismen die het fenomeen mogelijk maken vind ik buitegenwoon effectief en ontnuchterend beschreven. Erg goed zelfs. Men kan zeggen, ja maar we zitten ondertussen al in die tunnel dus wat heeft het dan voor zin ? Het heeft wel degelijk zin, omdat het de onderliggende mysterieuze magie blootlegt waardoor dit heeft kunnen plaatsvinden uberhaupt. Daarom is het van essentieel belang dat dit door iemand met kennis van zaken duidelijk wordt naar voren gebracht. Het is juist een positief werk in die zin dat het mensen mogelijkheden aanrijkt, aanbiedt zich op een juiste manier te verzetten en een kentering teweeg te brengen in deze haast voodoo achtige praktijken die de bevolking in beslag nemen, overnemen.

Ondertussen heb ik ook andere werken van de voorgangers bestudeerd. Allemaal eigenlijk, vooral Meerlo steekt er in mijn optiek bovenuit. Ook le Bon vind ik vrij goed. Ahrend wat minder.

De schrijfstijl van Ahrend is vooral erg droog. De conclusies echter haarscherp.

Nadeel bij Meerlo en Ahrend is dat ze vanuit een bepaalde optiek, perspectief, visie vertrekken wat vooral gericht was op hun persoonlijke leven.

Teveel de focus gelegd wordt op een bepaald aspect, type, vorm van het totaliaire element.

Van de andere kant heeft juist de persoonlijke vervolging, ervaring van bijv bij Meerlo, met het totalitaire systeem en het feit dat hij zelf praktijkwerk deed met zowel slachtoffers als daders wel een opvallende meerwaarde.

Hoe dan ook, wil het allemaal niet te lang maken.

Conclusie is dat ik niet kan meegaan in die vreemde vertoning van dr Breggin en Catherine, hun acties raken kant nog wal. Wat kan daar achter zitten zou men zich gaan afvragen.

Iedereen die het werk echt doorgenomen heeft weet hoe de vork in de steel zit.

Dat er dus wel degelijk zaken worden belicht , zoals het establishment en de manipulatie van de massa door krachten, etc. die de psychose van de massa aandrijven, opjagen, opwekken, in banen leiden. Om een of andere reden willen die twee daar geen weet van hebben.

Erg teleurstellende reactie van die twee.

Nu moet ik alleen oppassen dat ik niet verdwaal in " catherine´s basement " :)

Ben nu officieel een afvallige geworden.

Verbazingwekkend dat juist iemand als Breggin zich zo laat gaan.

Ergens ook wel weer fascinerend, maar als er zo gereageerd wordt weten we ook dat communicatie erg lastig wordt. Om wat voor reden ook hebben ze onhoudbare standpunten ingenomen en zijn niet voor rede vatbaar. We mogen ons hier zeker wel vragen bij stellen.

Hopelijk gaat het , want de aanvallen in de media zijn toch erg krachtig. Was te verwachten maar toch, het begint nu toch allemaal toch een erg abominabel niveau aan te nemen. Het moddergooien is nu toch wel vrij lelijk aan t worden. De haat komt er toch merkbaar in naar voren. Bewijs van de stellling.

Er zijn genoeg mensen trots op je , net zoals ik trots ben op mevrouw J in Ierland , die je ondertussen ook al ontmoet hebt. We hebben geen keuze. Stoppen heeft geen zin, al wil ik dat elke dag.

Maar we weten dat we doormoeten.

Bedankt om dit alles te doen voor ons

Hoge bomen vangen nu eenmaal veel wind.

Ik zal niet met modder naar Cath gaan gooien, ook al zitten er wat vraagtekens aan haar verleden.

Achtergrond enzo, verbanden, connecties...

We wensen je het beste, hoofd koelhouden.

Even this shall pass.

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It's sounds to me that the Breggins' might, like many people suffering from the psychological ills of modernity, be overly attached to the internal position of victimhood, and the codependent dynamics of perceiving a perpetrator / aggressor "out there" who is existentially against the helpless victim "in here".

The extent to which people, and society at large, buy into that delusion (of materialism and separatism) has been made very obvious and clear during this scamdemic. For those who are asleep to the lies, we are victims to a "deadly virus", and the Governments and medical system are our saviour; and, to many of those who have started to wake up to the deception and conspiratorial deceit at play, "we" (the "innocent") are victims to "they" the evil conspirators abusing us with their anti-human biological, political, and sociological machinations.

From where I stand, your fantastic book was a breath of fresh air breezing through this otherwise stagnant and, for some, suffocating state of psychological and (more significantly), spiritual mis-take on reality.

The reality is, there are no true victims.

Yes, there are tgose amoung us who with psychopathic and narsacistic tendencies, who like to victimise people and behave in life-degrading ways, but we are not "victims" to them. We are powerful spiritual Beings, 100% collectively responsible for all that is arising within the field of consciousness known as "humanity". Our so-called victimisers are the antagonistic means through which LIFE is showing us the degree to which we have disembodied our innate Power (our Spirit), and are now being challenged by LIFE to bring forth and integrate more fully than we were previously willing to recognise is possible. Such is the emergent journey of illuminating and potentiating the human soul.

Keep up your great and important work Mattias. 🙏 🔥 🕉

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Mass formation makes sense and is a good detox from pure conspiracy theory. Not that elites don’t conspire...but I see so many of the thruther community stuck absorbing more information yet totally powerless. They fear that an all powerful elite runs everything and are waiting for some other elite force to save them (Q, Mr. T, JFK, The Alliance, Jesus, etc.). Yet conspiracy theory is totally understandable. We all agree the results are the same, regardless of the agency of the elites, secret or overt: we live in a world we don’t like and believe in. We are all sick of the media and propaganda. I think recognizing the reality that we have created systems that create results very similar to Orwellian nightmares is the next step through the rabbit hole. Good luck, my truth comrades!

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I remember what it was like way back in February/March, 2020, when the public health authorities were telling everyone do nothing out of the ordinary other than washing your hands more frequently. No need for masks, no need to change regular activities. Just keep calm and carry hand sanitizer. But also at that time some ordinary people were becoming deranged. Ordinary people in my midst were terrified and starting to demand that the authorities do more. They were saying that the world needs to mimic China in its heavy-handed response or we will all die. Gradually, more and more "experts" and institutions began to follow their lead, snowballing into greater and greater hysteria and corruption. If you really try to play back how Pandemania unfolded in your mind, mass formation has a lot more explanatory power than top-down conspiracy. Desmet has it right. The Breggins have fallen into the growing counter-mass formation. The hysterical rage of the adherents to the top-down explanation of pandemania is indistinguishable from the hysterical rage of the Covidians. Two sides of the same mass formation coin. The side of truth lies outside this conflict of the opposites.

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What most people aren't aware of is that in late December 2019 the governments of the US and Canada demanded all their citizens be released from the lockdown in China, after which they were flown home, kept in motels for two weeks, then set free to spread the virus wherever. This at a time when there was no information available about this "novel" virus, including its incubation period. It went downhill from there.

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Perhaps the Breggins are controlled opposition.

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check this out Matthias: Warme groeten,


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I have to ask: do you feel it is virtually impossible to change the views of people under the spell of mass psychosis.? I personally think it’s impossible. I have tried in different ways and it always wind up that we no long speak to each other because they seem to accept the official narrative over common sense.

My husband is a pharmacist. I encouraged him to take the course to give the vaxx to find out the ingredients. After months of studying meetings and practice giving shots I asked him if he found out the ingredients. He said even though his lab partner worked at Pfizer they refused to tell the pharmacists the ingredients. But the Pfizer pharmacist told him NOT to take it. We were never going to anyway.

So we told everyone we know about this and EVERYONE STILL GOT THE SHOTS AND BOOSTERS!!! Except our family.

We thought COMMON SENSE: if you don’t know what you are putting into you body HOW COULD YOU INJECT IT INTO YOUR BODY? It could be poison or highly allergic substance????!!!

Trusting the government or doctor with your life during an experimental time is SUICIDE.

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A famous exorcist explained it like this. When someone commits mortal sin, are no longer in a state of grace. they place themselves under control of the evil one. They lose all capacity for right-reason. They’ve lost their common sense. They think they have a free will, but they’ve surrendered that as well. So in short … you are right.

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You are so correct. God seems to be cleaning up lost souls. Judgement

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